About this site

This website has been developed for multiple purposes.  It serves to advertise the Sutton Urban Wilderness (hereafter on this website we shorten this full name to “Sutton Wilderness”  or “the Wilderness”) area to the Norman and surrounding communities.  It provides some history of the current wilderness area (and adds some of our unique historical perspectives).  We describe some aspects related to the natural history of the Sutton Wilderness- including some of the more obvious flora and fauna that can be seen.  We hope that the website can help newcomers to the Sutton Wilderness understand more about the landscape they see when they visit.  Finally, we present ideas related to environmental education possibilities for the Norman community to consider, and we solicit input on other possibilities.

An important section of this website was added recently and seems a bit unrelated to the original topic of the Sutton Wilderness. It is the tab entitled A Norman Environmental “Primer”. This was placed here for convenience to not have to establish yet another website. It is lengthy and contains many topics related to environmental education that I think the Norman citizens should be aware of.

This website is motivated in large part by what we have seen evolve over the past quarter century, as we have lived for the past 25 years in Sutton Place, the community that abuts (to the southwest) the Sutton Wilderness.  For this reason we have a lengthy section, Management Issues, where we discuss some of the possibilities for the future of the Sutton Wilderness.

Naturally, as we have developed this website, any opinions or ideas are our own, and are not formal City of Norman perspectives or opinions of the Sutton Wilderness Advisory Committee appointed by the City of Norman to provide advice on the management of the Sutton Wilderness.  We welcome additional information about the wilderness and will be soliciting photos taken in the Wilderness related to the plants and animals found there.  Credit would be given to those providing images.  We welcome suggestions for improving the website via the contact form.

A bit of background about us can be found at another personal website more related to natural history travel.  And a powerpoint presentation that we prepared for the Norman City Council in 2006 – to motivate the action that led to the city purchasing an additional 53 acres for the Sutton Wilderness, can be seen here.

A talk entitled “Nature-education opportunities for the Norman community” is online here.  More frequently updated short material is added on the Facebook page, Friends of the Sutton Urban Wilderness.

Mike and Rosario Douglas