The Wilderness Setting

An excellent summary of the Sutton Wilderness , including its history, the soils and basics aspects of conservation and maintenance of natural areas in an urban setting can be found in the sutton-wilderness-management-plan prepared by the Sutton Urban Wilderness Advisory Committee.   This document is also linked to the City of Norman Sutton Wilderness website. Here we describe some of the basic aspects of the Sutton Wilderness.  This section will ultimately include (“ultimately” because it is still in preparation) the climate of central Oklahoma, the geology and soils of this part of the state, and the resultant vegetation that historically existed here.  We also provide references to the history of the land that is now the Sutton Wilderness and how its came to be the “Sutton Wilderness”.  A personal reflection on how the little-known 53 acre addition to the Sutton Wilderness came about in 2006 is also included.  Finally, we note the current challenges facing the Sutton Wilderness; more of these challenges and some ideas for improving the wilderness are included in the Management Issues section of this website.